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全自动封罐机 成套设备十多年专注 提供全自动封罐机一流生产线


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About Us

Shantou Dajiao General Equipment Factory has strong technical force and high precision, supporting the entire machinery and equipment, specializing in the production of canned machinery, all kinds of cans and mold parts. We are committed to serving all our customers. We can design and manufacture all kinds of canned food machinery and accessories according to customers' requirements. Welcome to map or sample processing, abide by the contract, quality and guarantee.

  The company gathered a group of years of experience in various types of machinery, electrical, automation, polymer, process design elite, to ensure adequate product development capability and solid manufacturing capabilities for customers to continuously improve the demand for goals, Human life process, leading the Chinese nation's new wave of industry and make unremitting efforts.

  The company solemnly committed to the community, "the use of first-class technology, the development of first-class products, the choice of first-class materials, provide first-class service, striving for first-class brand" and "honesty, science and technology leader, pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of excellence" business purposes, and the majority of customer harmony And actively for the majority of customers to create greater economic benefits.







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